Adara Roth & Co.

Adara Roth & Co. is a prestigious boutique law firm specializing in medical malpractice and personal injury claims. The firm was founded by Adv. Adara Roth over 15 years ago, and has, over the years, established a number of important legal precedents in the field of tort law in Israel and through Supreme Court rulings.

The firm has a unique specialization in portfolio management of tortious claims, with an emphasis on medical malpractice suits and traffic accident claims, as well as lawsuits against State authorities, including the National Insurance Institute.
For many years, Adv.

Adara Roth has been involved actively between the worlds of medicine and the law, and has found creative ways – some of which are regarded as notable legal breakthroughs- to achieve maximum compensation for her clients, despite the often-complex facts and circumstances.

It is therefore not surprising that Adv. Adara Roth is considered to be one of the most respected and celebrated lawyers in this field in Israel, amongst both the legal and the medical communities.
The firm's commitment to the values ​​of both compassion and excellence is manifested in its formulating unique and comprehensive action plans, tailored to the specific needs of each client. This results in the highest standards of service being provided, both within the claims process itself and in terms of the client’s experience during what is, usually, a traumatic time.

The office of Adara Roth & Co. strives to give a supporting and listening “ear” to its clients whilst also providing a strong and persuasive “mouth” for those whose voices are not heard. She and her colleagues fight uncompromisingly for the compensation that is properly due to their clients.

Adv. Adara Roth

Adara is the founding partner of Adara Roth & Co., and one of Israel's leading attorneys in the complex field of personal injury, including specific niches for work-related accidents, medical malpractice, and third party liability claims.

Adara has over two decades of legal experience, during which she has represented both plaintiffs and defendants. Following her graduation from Bar Ilan University and her admission to the Israeli Bar in 1997, she began her practice acting for various insurance companies, but soon decided to focus on the representation of private plaintiffs, the victims, against the large bureaucratic bodies – the insurance companies, the National Insurance Institute and the various health funds. Adara developed a deep understanding of the nature of the large institutional defendants, and uses this to her advantage in developing winning strategies for her clients.

Accordingly, for over 15 years, Adara has been representing private plaintiffs in various claims including liability claims (general accidents – such as drowning in the pool; claims arising as a result of a pavement hazard (for example, cracked pavement or height differences), or from exposed pits on the roads), as well as a full range of medical malpractice actions and personal injuries claims arising from road traffic accidents, work- related incidents and more.

The personal relationship she develops with her clients is acclaimed for its generosity in terms of time dedicated to clients. Together with her deep understanding of the way in which the bureaucratic system works, her in-depth acquaintance with the best medical experts in the various fields, and her unparalleled practical professional experience ensure she is able to secure optimal solutions for her clients.

Adara has acted in some of the largest tort claims in the State of Israel, which have included, amongst others, claims filed against the State of Israel by bereaved families of Gush Katif expellees. Such precedential claims, approved by the Supreme Court, are a milestone in Israeli law. The Court ruled that the State is obligated to pay damages to all the bereaved families who were forced to transfer the graves of their loved ones.

Furthermore, Adara has been heavily involved in establishing legal rulings and precedents in the field of medical malpractice, which determine the liability of the medical systems and institutions for inadequate and negligent medical treatment.

In addition, Adara has interests beyond purely claims management. Adara is a graduate of in-depth training in the field of “medicine for jurists”, she is also a notary.

Adara established the Adara Roth & Co. law firm in 2001, as she wished to be balanced and attentive for all those whose voices were not being properly heard. As she says: "Our practice in the area of ​​severe bodily harm enables us to assist the weak in their difficult plight and to ensure that they receive the compensation due to them. Dealing with weighty legal issues, and sometimes creating legal precedents, which are even a landmark in Israeli law, are all part of our daily work ".

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